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Project Director


Background & Overview

The Northern Indigenous Stewardship Network is a project on the MakeWay Shared Charitable Society Platform and being developed in partnership with the Indigenous Leadership Initiative. This newly established network will build connections and facilitate information-sharing amongstIndigenous guardian and environmental stewardship programs across NorthernCanada. It will work as a collective to support Indigenous governance, capacity building and cultural connections for our communities to be empowered as stewards of the land.

We are seeking a Northern Indigenous leader to become the first Project Director of the Network. We are looking for someone who is passionate aboutIndigenous-led environmental stewardship, has management experience and skills, and has an understanding of the context of guardian programs andIndigenous-led stewardship in Canada. We need someone who aligns with our values, is community-oriented, and has the leadership capacity and drive to lead development of this northern network.

Our Vision Includes:

  • Indigenous peoples empowered to oversee our own lands, waters, and wildlife
  • Unity amongst Northern Indigenous peoples, cultures & communities
  • Health and wellness in Northern communities
  • Strong capacity and highly qualified Indigenous people leading stewardship and guardian programs of our land and waters
  • Robust resources, financial stability, and employment and training supports that empowers stewardship programs to focus on the land
  • Community -led, culturally-based stewardship and knowledge-sharing methods and tools rooted in Indigenous knowledge and culture, as well asWestern science

The way of life and values that guide our work as a network include:

  • Respect for the land, environment, and each other’s cultures
  • Resourcefulness – working with what we have
  • Strong communication and involvement of people in the community
  • Embracing traditional and cultural identity in everything we do

Project Director Job Terms & Location:

  • The term of this position is one-year with the possibility of extending and increasing hours as the network grows
  • This is a part-time position working 3 days/week with flexible hours. Total weekly hours: 22.5
  • The salary range at .6 Full Time Equivalent is between $45,000.00 -$54,000.00 annually. (1.0 FTE is between $75,000.00 – $90,000.00)
  • The target start date is November 22, 2021
  • This position is remote and can be located in any community in theNorthwest Territories, Nunavut, or Yukon
  • The Project Director will be an employee of MakeWay and will be eligible to the Group Benefits package

Project Director Duties and Responsibilities

The Project Director will report to the Steering Committee and be supported by teams of knowledgeable people at MakeWay and the IndigenousLeadership Initiative. The management duties will include, but may not be limited to:

Coordinating the Network:

  • Building connections and relationships with Indigenous guardians, stewardship and monitoring programs across the North
  • Develop projects, programs and activities to serve the collective needs of guardian/stewardship programs such as group training opportunities, knowledge exchanges, webinars or other information-sharing events, research projects, etc.
  • Build and manage relationships with other organizations with shared interests and goals such as government agencies, research institutions, or non-government organizations
  • Plan and coordinate an annual Northern guardian gathering


  • Build and manage network communications such as a website, mailing list, newsletter, annual report, social media, etc.
  • Manage communications and logistics to engage the Steering Committee
  • Support relationship management with partners and funders who can contribute to the development of the network including MakeWay and the Indigenous Leadership Initiative

Finances and Administration:

  • Manage finances for the network including an annual budget, revenue and cash flow, processing invoices and expenses
  • Conduct fundraising activities including proposal and report writing, and managing relationships with partners
  • Oversee the work of contractors and service providers
  • Manage records and documentation in support of project activities and deliverables
  • Gain familiarity with, and ensure the project operations adhere to all MakeWay policies and procedures, and work with the MakeWay support team to ensure compliance with all contracts, agreements, and applicable regulatory requirements

Qualifications & Experience

We are looking for someone who is passionate about environmental stewardship and will give priority consideration to Indigenous applicants. We are also looking for candidates with skills and experience in the following areas:

  • Understanding of and experience related to Indigenous stewardship and guardian programs
  • Self-starter with organizational leadership skills to direct strategic development of this new network
  • Project management experience with ability to multitask and managec ompeting priorities
  • Administration experience including: organizational management and administration, funding proposal and report writing, coordinating governance committees, work planning, event planning and coordination, and training coordination
  • Financial management experience including budgeting, cash flow and revenues, and expense and reports
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and proficiency with technology to manage virtual communications, and internal and external communications for the network
  • Relationship management and interpersonal skills that can help to build the network
  • Post-secondary education in a related field. Equivalent work experiences will be considered


Submit a cover letter and resume by November 5th, 2021 to