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Our Story

The 3 Nations are a partnership between the Tahltan, Kaska, and Tlingit Nations. Together we are trailblazing and leading a new approach to social policy and innovation for the Tahltan, Kaska, and Tlingit, which may potentially benefit all other First Nations and families in Canada.

The origins of this leading-edge partnership between the 3 Nations began with what is known as the Stikine Wholistic Working Group (SWWG) and their collaboration with the government of BC in 2009. Our region is likely the only jurisdiction in Canada that can say they reduced their children in care by 50%. The SWWG has continued to grow and has been recommended as a provincial and national best practice.

At its core, the 3 Nations is committed to building and restoring healthy connections amongst our families and communities while strengthening the practices of our traditional ways, based on our wholistic values that are embedded in our culture.

In April 2015, a renewed partnership between the 3 Nations and BC committed to build on the approaches, and principles of the SWWG and apply it to other Government-to-Government initiatives and agreements.

Today this wholistic approach has created significant momentum and opportunity, resulting in positive change at a regional level, exceeding all expectations. The 3 Nations process is consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and is evidence of a government to government partnership that is breathing life into the government’s commitment to UNDRIP.