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Priority B

Community Strength and Wellness

Our Goal

Identify needs and solutions to support community strength and wellness initiatives and to carry out projects that strengthen connections and supports each community’s resilience and wellbeing.


Regional gatherings as identified by swwg/community/leadership input

Build capacity within the 3nations to support a wholistic approach to strength and wellness

Support front line workers in the communities by providing support, training, and education

Research and identify regional mental health challenges

Increase the number of training and strength and wellness gatherings that are available and attended by our members

PRIORITIES FOR 2021 – 2024

  • Research and identify strength and wellness initiatives that are needed to support communities, families, individuals, and staff
  • Increase access to on-the-land healing through partnerships with other programs
  • Ensure a reduction in barriers for foster care and other forms of child protection


  • Hire a Jordan’s Principle service coordinator and ensure that her/his function is well understood in the communities
  • Research community indicators, monitoring measures and data collection options
  • Develop and implement a cultural revitalization strategy that addresses mental health challenges faced by the 3nations
  • Support development of nation-specific suicide prevention strategies