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Priority A

Social, Culture and Community

Our Goal

Support communities and families through the SWWG to renew traditional and community-based practices.


Utilize existing nation offices (and staff/experts) in each community

Build on communities’ own expertise and resources while maximizing

Existing partnerships (governments, other nations, schools, etc.)

Shift wellness from the job description of one staff person to that of the Entire family, community, and nation – in keeping with the 3nations’ belief that ownership, responsibility and accountability for change is not the burden of one – but that of the whole and collective

Hub-model (coordinating seven communities) that utilizes community and family strengths/expertise

Build upon community strengths, decision-making, and cultural continuity, while supporting child, youth, and family needs

PRIORITIES FOR 2021 – 2024

  • Maintain and increase SWWG community-based approaches
  • Initiate and develop implementation of bill C-92 authorities in 3Nations communities
  • Maintain and increase partnerships with local, regional, provincial and federal partners


  • Continue implementation of the recommendations of the 2018 IICRD evaluation
  • Finalize and implement the recommendations of the Directions II report
  • Support a reconciliation gathering at the time of the demolition of the former lower post residential school