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Collaborative Stewardship Framework

The 3 Nations Society and British Columbia Collaborative Stewardship Framework (“3NBC-CSF”) is an initiative by which the Kaska, Tahltan, and Tlingit Nations have agreed with the Province of BC on the co-design and the building of shared capacity with the goal of shared management of land and resource values across the traditional territories of the 3 Nations in the Province of BC.

The 3 Nations and BC have agreed to engage in shared decision-making on the delivery of this program, thereby supporting BC’s commitments to reconciliation, and to implement the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples (“UNDRIP”), the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action, and the Draft Principles that Guide the Province of British Columbia’s Relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

The 3NBC-CSF is a 3-year pilot program funded through the Indigenous Funding Envelope. The 3 Nations and the Province co-developed reporting templates and work-plans that are updated for each fiscal year through to 2021.


The development of community focused information collection programs on wildlife, land use, and research on

a. how other nations and governments make wildlife management decisions; share information; licenced harvest analysis protocols; or make decisions using all sources of knowledge.

Provided financial and human resource capacity for the 3 Nations guardians program which allowed for expanded role of the guardian program, continued engagement with provincial representatives on hunting and land use monitoring and establishment of study areas, seasonal guardians and the purchase of necessary equipment and tools;

The incorporation of working groups and community direction priority setting;

The ability to address information gaps and the support of ongoing joint programs such as the Cassiar Stone’s Sheep Program, Carcross Caribou Herd Monitoring, Klappan Moose Population Monitoring, Community-based Moose Action Plans and wildlife health throughout the 3 Nations territories.

Establishment of a Governance Team based on each Nation’s Shared Decision Making Agreement with BC by the Co-Chairs from each agreement working with CSF Co-Leads to support information gathered through the CSF can benefit decision making by each Nation with BC.


The 2019-2020 year will consist of finalizing the enabling agreement, continued meetings between the 3 Nations and the Province of BC and continued community and leadership engagement.

CSF Project Team

  • 3 Nations Co-Lead: Feddie Louie
  • BC Co-Lead: Paddy Hirshfield
  • 3 Nations Wildlife Coordinator: Tanya Ball
  • Kaska Dena Technical Representatives:
    Corrine Porter & Tanya Ball
  • Tahltan Technical Representatives:
    Christine Creyke & Lance Nagwan
  • Taku River Tlingit First Nation Technical Representatives:
    Ryan LaPointe & Stephen Badwar
  • BC Technical Representatives:
    Emily Ackroyd, Troy Larden & Kala Hooker
  • Governance Team:
    3 Nations Co-Lead
    Feddie Louie, Tahltan Technical Rep, 3 Nations Society
    BC Co-Lead
    Paddy Hirshfield, A/Resource Manager, Skeena, FLNROD
  • Kaska BC SEA Co-Chairs:
    Gillian Staveley & Camille Wilder
  • Tahltan BC SDM Co-Chairs:
    Christine Creyke & Stewart Dickson
  • Taku River Tlingit First Nation:
    Chantelle Hart & Roger Ritsema

Applicable Documents


Collaborative Governance and Management Review - Phase2 - Final Report


Collaborative Governance and Management Review - Phase2 - Summary


Collaborative Governance and Management Review - Final Report


Collaborative Governance and Management Review Summary


Information Brochure


2020 Year 2 Work Plan


Guardian Program Update (Nov 2019)


2018-19 Year 2 Work Plan


2018-2019 Year-end Reports