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Priority L


Our Goal

Ensure that effective governance systems are in operation across the region.


Continue to strengthen the 3Nations society

Seek ‘regionalization’ of the provincial government according to a model to be developed by 3Nations leaders

In April 2015, a renewed partnership between the 3Nations and BC committed to build on the approaches and principles of the SWWG and
apply it to other Government-to-Government initiatives and agreements.

PRIORITIES FOR 2021 – 2024

  • Secure sustainable funding for operations of the 3Nations society
  • Explore regional governance practice, operations and arrangements for issues of mutual interest to the 3Nations and the province
  • Implement comprehensive communication and engagement plan
  • Share 3Nations model and best practices across B.C. and Canada


  • Complete implementation of 3Nations policies and procedures (governance, operations, finance, hr, etc.)
  • Engage 3Nations leadership on options regarding ‘Regionalization’ and government-to-government agreements with B.C.