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Priority G


Our Goal

Protect, sustain, and enhance our wildlife resources, which are integral to our traditional way of life through joint authority or co-management. Reduce conflict between Nation and non-nation hunters.


Develop a joint management agreement with province that enables us to have more decision making into wildlife management

Jointly submit regulatory changes

Monitor wildlife

For far too long, the Province has contributed to an environment of stakeholders fighting one another while our wildlife populations continue to diminish… Moving forward, I believe that together, we will rebuild wildlife populations, protect habitat, and repair damage that user groups have inflicted on the landscape.”


PRIORITIES FOR 2021 – 2024

  • Ensure continued funding for the 3Nations wildlife guardian program
  • Ensure that jointly designed regulatory changes take place if/as needed
  • Collaborate with B.C. To achieve joint management of wildlife
  • Enhance 3Nations capacity and resources to support discussions and lead joint wildlife programming
  • Conduct evaluations of collaborative stewardship forum and wildlife management initiatives


  • Further implement draft data sharing protocols and information sharing agreement w/ B.C., either as 3Nations or through each nation’s Government-to-government agreements
  • Implement communications strategy for communities and stakeholders
  • Design a northern-based stakeholder and community advisory body
  • Explore utilizing traditional management practices, laws, and policies to complement existing practices and wildlife management decisions
  • Establish monitoring measures and ongoing monitoring data collection processes based on local, indigenous, and scientific knowledge sources