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The 3 Nations is a partnership between the Tahltan, Kaska and Tlingit Nations – a partnership that is trailblazing and leading a new best practice in social policy and innovation, not just for the Tahltan, Kaska, and Tlingit, but for every Indigenous person and family in Canada.


The origins of this leading-edge partnership between the 3 Nations began with what is known as the Stikine Wholistic Working Group (SWWG) and their collaboration with the government of BC. This partnership has continued to grow and has now become a provincial, national, and international best practice.

Due to the programs of the SWWG we have successfully reduced our children in care, and in the majority of our communities we have ZERO children in care.

Our StoryOur Vision


The Tahltan, Kaska, and Tlingit homeland is collectively the largest First Nations Territory in British Columbia, covering 24% of the province. Our territory is the most resource-rich region in the province.

Social, cultural, and environmental sustainability is a priority and must be included in all our initiatives.

Our Territory


Recognition and value for community expertise

Community directed process

Child in the Centre

Solutions through collaboration

We can’t manage what we can’t measure

A wholistic approach is critical to success

OUR Priorities

Through discussion and consultation with the 3 Nation leaders and our community members, priority areas have been set out that form the basis of our work. The fundamental foundation of these priority areas is reconciliation, seeking shared prosperity, strengthening, and empowering our people to live fulfilled lives that are grounded in our culture, our values, and our sense of social and cultural well-being.

These priority areas and goals reflect the expressed aspirations of our leaders and community members that, when realized, will result in the vision we hold for our homeland and our communities.


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